We employ 70 fulltime staff with an influx of 240 staff during our busy pre-lamb season Enter Title.

Employment opportunities are varied depending on your skill. Our sheep range from x bred lambs to merino wethers so as you can see depending on your ability and the time of the year as to how much use we are to you or you are to us.

We are keen to take on less experienced staff, on job training is always happening because of our size factor we can fit most people as long as you have the right attitude and are willing to learn. There will be a place for you.

As part of the NZ Shearing Contractors Assn we base our payment system on an agreed recommended rate of pay. This is discussed individually for shed hands depending on your skill and experience.
We have some very experienced staff that are keen to share their knowledge.

Peak Periods

  • Pre-Lamb shearing: July – October
  • Summer Shearing and Crutching: January- April

Health and Safety

Peter Lyon Shearing are committed to providing a safe and harm free workplace both at our quarters and also working together with out farmer clients to minimize the risks in our workplaces. This is achieved by policies and training procedures within our business.

We review our health and safety regularly to comply with regulations set by department of labour. All employees have access and are encouraged to train within our business using outside approved courses. E.g. First aid courses, shear safe, Tectra.

For More Info See Our FAQ's Section